Lego Batman The Video Game

Lego Batman: The Video Game


3 Cheats

  • Additional Suit Codes

Enter these codes in the bat cave for additional suits:

Area Effect (Sonic suit) - TL3EKT

Armor Plating (Demo suit) - N8JZEK

Bats (Sonic suit) - XFP4E2

Decoy (Technology suit) - TQ09K3

More Detonators (Demo suit) - TNTN6B

Piece Detector (Attract suit) - KHJ544

Slam (Glide suit) - BBD7BY

Sonic Pain (Sonic Suit) - THTL4X

  • Cheat List

Insert the following cheats at the Bat Cave to unlock the corresponding effect.

Extra Hearts - ML3KHP

Faster Batarangs - JRBDCB

Faster Piece Assembly - EVG26J

Faster Walking - ZOLM6N

Flaming Batarangs - D8NYWH

Frozen Batarangs - XPN4NG

Heart Regeneration - HJH7HJ

Immunity to Freeze - JXUDY6

Invincibility - WYD5CP

Minikit Detector - ZXGH9J

Multiply Score - 9LRGNB

Piece Detector - KHJ544

Power Brick Detector - MMN786

Score Multiplier x2 - N4NR3E

Score Multiplier x4 - CX9MAT

Score Multiplier x6 - MLVNF2

Score Multiplier x8 - WCCDB9

Score Multiplier x10 - 18HW07

  • Characters and Vehicles

To unlock the characters and vehicles below, insert the corresponding code into the in-game cheats menu.

Alfred - ZAQ637

Batgirl - JKR331

Bat Tank - KNTT4B

Bruce Wayne - BDJ327

Bruce Wayne’s Jet - LEA664

Catwoman - M1AAWW

Catwoman’s Motorcycle - HPL826 

Commissioner Gordon - DDP967

Garbage Truck - DUS483

Harley Quinn’s Truck - RDT637

Mad Hatter - JCA283

Mad Hatter’s Boat - M4DM4N

Mad Hatter’s Glider - HS000W

Man Bat - NYU942

Mr. Freeze’s Car - BCT229

Mr. Freeze’s Girl XVK541

Mr. Freeze’s Henchman - NJL412

Nightwing - MVY759

Penguin’s Henchman - BJH782

Poison Ivy Henchman - GTB899

Police Bike - LJP234

Police Boat - PLC999

Police Helicopter - CWR732

Police Officer - JRY983

Police Sniper - HKG984

Police Van - MAC788

Riddler’s Henchman - XEU824

Riddler’s Plane - HAHAHA

Robin’s Sub - TTF453

Sailor - NAV592

Scientist - JFL786

Security Guard - PLB946

Soldier - MKL382

SWAT Officer - HTF114

The Joker (Tropical) - CCB199

The Joker’s Henchman - UTF782

The Joker’s Van - JUK657

Two-Face’s Truck - EFE933

Yeti - NJL412

Zoo Sweeper - DWR243