Lego Batman The Video Game

Lego Batman: The Video Game


3 Cheats

  • Cheat List

Begin Game with 1,000,000 Studs - X, Y, B, B, Y, X, L, L, R, R, Up, Down, Left, Right, Start, Select

Begin Game with 3,000,000 Studs - Up, Up, B, Down, Down, X, Left, Left, Y, L, R, L, R, B, Y, X, Start, Select

Unlock All Characters - X, Up, B, Down, Y, Left, Start, Right, R, R, L, R, R, Down, Down, Up, Y, Y, Y, Start, Select

Unlock All Episodes - Right, Up, R, L, X, Y, Right, Left, B, L, R, L, Down, Down, Up, Y, Y, X, X, B, B, Up, Up, L, R, Start, Select

Unlock All Extras - Up, Down, L, R, L, R, L, Left, Right, X, X, Y, Y, B, B, L, Up, Down, L, R, L, R, Up, Up, Down, Start, Select

  • Additional Features

Extra Hearts - ML3KHP

Increase Score x10 - 18HW07

Invincibility - WYD5CP

  • Characters and Vehicles

Alfred - ZAQ637 

Bruce Wayne - BDJ327

Commissioner Gordon - DDP967

Mad Hatter - JCA283

Mr. Freeze Girl XVK541

Mr. Freeze’s Henchman - NJL412

Nightwing - MVY759

Penguin’s Henchman - BJH782

Police Officer - JRY983

Police Van - MAC788

SWAT Officer - HTF114

The Joker (Tropical) - CCB199

The Joker’s Henchman - UTF782

Yeti - NJL412